My company is looking for a software solution; do I need to pay a fee to access your consulting service?

No, our mission is to set up a “market place” for the end users where they can find the best solutions. Expandi Match receives a referral fee directly from the solution and services provider which you decide to engage with.

What sets us a part is that more than any “digital market place” you’ll receive tailor made advice from our experts, who will use a selection of qualitative and quantitative criteria so that you do not have to rely only on pricing or references to choose the best solutions.

How many providers do you propose to choose from?

Ultimately we can provide as many as you feel required necessary for making your decision effective and efficient.

In principle, it depends on more factors. If you have already identified a given solution and you are only looking for a provider to fulfill the required service, Expandi Match could propose you a couple of options. If a solution has not yet been identified, we will propose you a higher number of options (up to five at max), each representing a suitable solution.

What exactly is your support?

Through our extensive knowlege of technology and market players, our support aims to expedite the selection process of the most suitable solution for your project and of the most qualified solution and services providers to implement a project for your company.

Once you provide your requirements to our client services manager, they will work with our consultants in order to identify the solutions and providers which match your needs. As mentioned in the previous questions, we will provide a short list of providers in order for you to meet them and build your own opinion on the one which best fits with your expectations.

How do I know if the solution I'm looking for is one of those on which you are able to provide advice?

Today our expertise cover the most requested technology solutions in the market:

  • CRM
  • E-commerce
  • Content Management
  • Business Intelligence
  • CAD / PLM
  • Retail Management Systems
  • Procurement & Supply Chain Management
  • Accounting & Finance
  • ERP
  • Other Software Applications in Cloud
  • Infrastructure and/or Platform As A Service (Cloud Solutions)
  • Security Solutions
  • Infrastructure solutions

If your project is not included in any of the above solutions, let us know and we will come back to you to confirm if we can still support you.

Will I have to interact with different people from Expandi Match?

One of our client services manager will be your main point of contact and manage the interactions and relationship with our technology consultants on your behalf for providing proper advise and selection.

As far as possible, we will keep the same client services manager handling the relationship with you as we value the importance of an in-depth understanding of the needs of a company or organisation to ensure suitable offerings for continue evolution.

How do you guarantee the reliability of the solution and services providers that you propose?

For many years, we have been cooperating with the large majority of the solution and services providers in the IT market. We have been qualifying each of them in terms of skills, competencies, certifications, customer references, pre-sales and post sales support on an ongoing basis.

For listed solution and services providers, Expandi Match facilitates a peer ranking survey per solutions and per provider on completed engagements, so that the assigned rating can speed up the selection process by other companies.

My company needs to renew its IT infrastructure. Do you also provide support on IT Infrastructure?

Yes, Expandi Match ecosystem also includes a huge list of solution & services providers that can support you in the implementation of infrastructural solutions, including components like servers, networking, storage also other application based infrastructure (middleware) enabling your business.